Tavarish is an asshole and it's okay to hate him. Flame him to your hearts content, he deserves it. Burn his articles, if you want, I won't stop you and neither will anyone else with half a brain but it's not for the reasons you think.

Tavarish catches hell from the internet for advocating buying pre-owned and telling folks to stay away from the off-the-lot, brand new car purchases – they're a suckers play. How he frames it is irrelevant; buy this German luxury super-sedan for the price of a hamburger. Tavarish catches hell regardless. People don't like being told they have been dumb, people don't like being shown up but not everyone has his aptitude with a wrench. He catches hell for it and that's fine because people are idiots but he's not wrong and this isn't the reason to bag on Tavarish. Tavarish deserves to catch hell, but not for this.

Tavarish is an asshole for driving up prices. Tavarish should be catching hell for revealing a close kept secret. Tavarish should be strung up by the enthusiast illuminati for cracking the code and putting it on the internet. He isn't alone in tampering with the used-car market, Matt Farah and his stupid Lexus come to mind. Tavarish is messing with the balance.

Tavarish gets to drive fast cars. Tavarish gets to drive the Jalopnik-Edition (sigh) BMW. Tavarish gets to mingle with the automotive press and gets sent around the country to photograph and write about cool cars. Tavarish gets to do a lot of cool stuff but this isn't why he's an asshole. This isn't why he deserves the hate. Quite the contrary, in fact, as Tavarish gets to do all these cool things by virtue of working for it and not that long ago he was just like most of us, a face in the crowd.

Forget all of that, however; because he's going to ruin it for everyone just like Tom Hanks in the Da Vinci Code. Okay, so maybe there's some redemption if you happen to get in early or already own one of his project cars but for the rest of us, Tavarish is an asshole. He keeps excellent company in the company of assholes, all of whom are determined to exploit and destroy the pre-owned car market with scorched Earth tactics.


Burn Tavarish, burn him hard. But don't burn him for the wrong reasons; don't lower yourself to his level. Burn him as a witch for practicing his black art.

(I love you, man!)