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The Jalopnik Ten Commandments

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A little something to do on an April Sunday. There are certain opinions around here that have become sacrosanct. But are they worthy of the Jalopnik Ten Commandments?


Step One: Throw your best ideas into the comments below. I'll start with some of the more obvious ones:

- The answer is always Miata

- Love thy Panther

We'll keep this open for a couple days until he conversation has completely devolved.


Step Two: We'll vote on it. his is quasi democratic, so the top ten most voted for will win, unless someone dicks with the vote.

Step Three: The Jalopnik Ten Commandments shall be presented for all to obey, lest ye be smited... or resigned to drive a base model Camry for the rest of your heathen days, you non-believer. Whatever.

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