The Jeep Has Reached Early Retirement

I have over 3 spectacularly uneventful years with Ol’ Baloo the WK2. Purchased with under 34,000 miles of experience, it now has 141,000 miles on the world and has been without warranty coverage for nearly 2 years! Zippo problemos (knock on Wagoneer). I have praised the reliability of this Jeep before for only needing the wear necessities of life.


I presented my plan to retire the Jeep but my promotion changed my coverage from the top half of New Mexico to nationwide. Now the WK2 spends most of its time in an airport parking lot praying not to get dinged or doodied. Without the need to drive around 900 miles a week, the Jeep has only seen 2,000 miles since April.

The next stage is to get Baloo in keeper condition. That means lots of fluids, fresh plugs, professionally checked undercarriage, car battery, and some other sexually suggestive automotive stuff. I also need to make sure that I’m caught up on recalls. Catching fire appears more often in FCA notices than a bookcase featuring the works of Suzanne Collins.

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