Today driving home from Walmart I saw 4 Jeep Renegades, each one a diffent color, one a Trailhawk, and two of them having a few modifications, and I liked them all. How ever I also say a Ford EcoSport, and two Buick Encores. The Renegade is the Mk1 Golf of crossovers.

I having driven none of these I’m basing my opinion purely on aesthetics, and the Jeeps marginally better offroadiness. But still for the sake of those who have to look at your car, if you’re going to buy a sub-Compact CUV buy a Renegade. The new Compass is quite lovely as well. Even in base trim

In conclusion please don’t buy a Buick SUV of any kind, they all look horrid and aren’t Sportbacks, or wagons.

In unrelated news I’ve had a few drinks and FINALLY bought FallOut 4. I sprung for the GOYT Edition. It just finished downloading. I am excitement.