The Jeep Wrangler is the new Douchebag-mobile.

There was a time (in pre Recession America) that you would see tons of “pimped” out Hummers, tvs all over the place in stupid ass places like the vanity mirrors, big wheels and loud paint, all over.


Such as the one above. Times have changed. One of the vehicle of choice for bros and their wives is the Jeep Wrangler. Yea people have been lifting them for years but now in the 21st century the level of douchery is off the scale.

Wranglers like these can now be seen prowling the streets and driveways of suburban America, making terrible road noise from those never used off road tires. Ive even seen some complete with spare gas cans and a snorkel driven by a woman and her kids. In the parking lot of Nemian Marcus. All I ask is why and when will it stop. One of the most capable off road vehicles reduced to becoming a portrait for posers. End of rant.

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