The Job Hunt

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I graduate college this Saturday. As I think I’ve shared before, I’m a marketing major interested in the automotive industry. Looking back, I really dodged a bullet not simping for corporate automotive jobs (ex. Manufacturers, rental companies). I’d shifted my focus to dealers once I realized that was the best way to enter the industry. There are still several dealers hiring locally.


Dealer talks were going well, but most of them run on a commission-only model. My mom decided to drop on me last week that she’d only co-sign a vehicle for me if I had a salaried or hourly job. As much as I was thinking about a dealer job, I needed to shift my focus. Even earning a confirmed $10 an hour is more stable than no bucks an hour.

So, I’ve applied to a lot of jobs. I talked to a marketing firm that I felt confident about, only to get an email that afternoon saying they chose someone else. It’s a firm with a lot of young people. I then had a realization: hourly stocking jobs at $15 per hour pay the same annually as the salary that this job would. The money is the same, but that makes me feel weird. I spent three years in college to come out working at a grocery store like I could’ve done for the past few years. At the same time, I graduated A YEAR early. I need to take advantage of my “extra year.” Once I earn some more money, maybe I can pursue a dealer job. Or even better, a corporate job.

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