I have the next couple days off which is rare for me so my plan is to pay a visit to my super cheap beater and see if I can’t do some mending.

Behold the 1996 Honda Accord - This nearly mint machine pictured here set me back a paltry $300 last summer while my Ion was out of commission and the utilitarian ride of the truck was getting old. It has just over 250,000 miles and runs like a top. Alas, a couple days before I got my Ion back, the taillights, park lights and interior panel lights decided to stop working. It’s as if the first click on the headlight switch does nothing - the second click (for the actual headlights) does indeed work, turning only the headlights on. Assuming it was the switch, I was off to Oriely’s for a new replacement.

Before storing the beast last fall I put in a bit of effort to figure out the issue with the aid of a wiring diagram found online but I remained stumped. I’ve checked all related fuses and relays, some searching lead me to checking the power and ground of the aftermarket stereo but to no avail.

If anyone has any insight or ideas, I would very much appreciate it.