I live in a rental townhouse owned by a property management company. For the most part, I like my house, and the property management company. But their maintenance crews, well, not so much. The picture above is my door bell, as repaired by my landlord's oh-so-incompetent maintenance crew.

Things that my landlord has "fixed" include:

The aforementioned doorbell. The old button was an intercom-style one. It died. The landlord put a new sound maker box inside the house, without an intercom. I guess they couldn't re-use the old button. But instead of taking down the old button, they stuck a new button on top of it.


We have a faucet for a hose in our garage. With a hose attached, it was spraying water everywhere, so they did something to it where now there's a big 2x4 stuck to the wall between the drywall and the faucet.

They replaced our patio door blinds and didn't spackle over the holes left by the old blinds.

Our garage door was making all kinds of ungodly groaning noises, so they special-ordered a new door which took several weeks to arrive, and slightly patched up the old one in the meantime. When the new door arrived, it was shorter than the door frame, so they put an un-painted board across the top of the inside of the door frame. They put rubber gaskets on the sides of the door frame to seal against the door, but not that stupid board at the top, leaving our garage drafty as fuck. The land lady told me the board hadn't been painted because it was too cold out and they'd do it in the spring (but not install a properly-sized door).


Our porch light wasn't working. They checked it out and told us the bulb in it was too big (a bulb which we hadn't put there) so they took the trim ring off to allow the bulb to fit. They'd put the trim ring back if we got a properly sized bulb. I did, and they put the trim ring "back," except instead of getting one designed to fit into the housing, they offset it from the hole, and drilled a couple holes through it into the wood ceiling of the porch, leaving an ugly gap.

When I renewed my lease, I informed the property manager lady that I'd be sending her a list of a bunch of maintenance items. I sent everything I just described, plus complained that our dishwasher and furnace are loud as hell, and the hot water heater takes forever to warm up, and oh, there's some mold on the rafters in our utility room, which I sent this picture of.


Last week, a maintenance guy came and fixed some, but not all of the issues:

Dishwasher seems slightly quieter, but not much. I think they installed a new belt, but it's just an old, low-end dishwasher without much sound deadening. I'd try to get them to replace it but the furnace & hot water heater are bigger priorities.


Holes left when replacing the patio door blinds were filled.

Mold in the utility room looks like it was scrubbed with bleach.

A rubber seal was added to the stupid unpainted board at the top of the garage door frame.


Last night, I sent another email about the remaining items which still hadn't been fixed. Without any response from the property manager, I got a call from a maintenance guy this morning who wanted permission to enter. My gf is at home so I told him to call her. She just texted me that he's working on the porch light. I cc'ed her on the email I sent last night so she's going to keep an eye on him and see what all actually gets fixed.

I don't like to make myself a "problem" tenant, and yeah this place is really cheap for the amount of space and features we get. But at the same time, we pay our rent on time every month, and all we want in return is for the landlord to live up to their end of the bargain by maintaining the place.


Still doesn't make me in a rush to buy a house though. That's expensive.


My gf called me after the maintenance guy left. He properly fixed the door bell and the porch light.


For the furnace, he claims he fixed it, and denied that he told my gf last winter that it was on its last legs and would need to be replaced soon. He said "I don't know where you got that from," she said, "that's what you told me."

For the hot water heater, he said the pipes run through the garage and they're insulated, and it taking so long to warm up "was just how it is." When she asked him about an insulation blanket for the heater itself, he said no.


She doesn't want to have them back in the place for a little while, so I'm going to listen to the furnace when I get home tonight and see if it's still making the same amount of noise, and I'm going to wait a while to call the property manager lady back and bitch about the maintenance guy being a dick to my gf and acting like the hot water is supposed to take that long to warm up.