The Kars of K-Roll

I’ve been super lucky to have had the chance to create myself quite the personal car resume over the past four years. Each one has been around for an important milestone/lesson/moment in my car and personal life. Allow me to share my favorite highlight(s) of each and where they are now.

2008 Saturn Astra XR


Simply put, couldn’t have asked for a better first car. Any compact put out by a domestic in the MY 2008 couldn’t compare to the greatness and features and quality of this car. FULL PANORAMIC SUNROOF!! The highlight of this car is the fact that it was my first car and I wouldn’t trade that for any other.

Where is it now? I sold it to my mum’s assistant manager’s husband for a downpayment on the next car after over a year of adventures. It is still in his possession, though it isn’t as clean or good looking as when I sold it unfortunately...

2014 Ford Focus ST


Even though the honeymoon phase burnt out too soon I think, it was still a fun FWD car. Highlights include being my first manual car, the first boosted car, the first car I AutoXed, and my last FWD car for the foreseeable future.

Where is it now? No idea! Roaming Michigan no doubt but in the sea of STs I see on a regular basis, there’s no way I could spot it unless it still has it’s winter wheels/tires (maybe).


1984 Porsche 944


The first classic car, the first car paid for entirely out of my pocket, the first car to maintain on my own, and all the adventures (breaking down and being stranded) and car shows (one of which we acquired 2nd place in). Also the car I owned for the longest time in the 4 years of my driving life at 2 years/7 months. Had been with me through some of the worst times in my life so far, but always put a smile on my face from 1st to 6400rpm and the shift into 2nd and onwards.

Where is she now? In the care of my close 944 friend and driven by his dad, with a new set of wheels, wetsanding/polishing, and it’s suspension fully sorted out, I can’t wait to see her in person again and take her for a spin. I know I’ve left her in good hands. :)


2017 Ford Mustang EB


My first foray into ponycar ownership couldn’t have been better. It’s the Mustang I’ve always wanted in performance and driving joy. getting closer to the first full year of ownership and no complaints yet. The main highlight is my first burnout. Best DD I’ve had too.

1980 Porsche 931


I feel that owning a Porsche with a “Turbo” in it’s name is similar to owning a BMW or Merc with an M or AMG badge, it’s something special, and this 931 is definitely special. The highlight of this car is the fact that much like my dad’s first car, a ‘52 Ford Flathead, I also got this car nonrunning but I hope to have it running this weekend when I return from California!

That’s all. :)

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