The keen observer may be able to discern from the above picture that today, I dented my car— just a little dent, on the roof.

The Scooby is down for good, and my insurance won't cover it. I do have one consolation, though— the tree I hit when the car rolled is damaged, and, if the owners of said tree come knocking looking for reparations, my insurance will cover that. My car insurance covers a tree, but not a car.


Anyway, I'm in a bit of a pickle— not least because I'm stranded on an island off the Coast of Maine where there's no public transportation, no sidewalks, and massive distances between everything. I'm in a pickle because, for the first time in my life, I'm suffering a crisis of confidence— does this accident make me a bad driver?

I will relate my story to you in an effort to determine that question. I got off work early today— about 1:00— and decided to drive to the next town over to deposit my paycheck and visit some friends. It had been raining the whole day, and, when I stepped into my car, it started raining more heavily. I have only just found out that a Nor'Easter has hit, and the constant flickering of the lights in my house tells me I could very well be without power tonight.

Anyway, I was driving the speed limit, or so (about 45-50 mph), and, exiting a downhill left hand curve, found that the rear of my Subaru had burned its bridge with the road, and was no longer on speaking terms. I corrected with a dab of Oppo (referencing the website name, eh?), and, at that point, the computers decided to give the front wheels a load of power, which pulled me into an embankment, led to me rolling over, etc, you get the story.

I understand my failings as a driver in this instance— I was going too fast, and I wasn't quick enough with my reactions on the steering wheel to stop the slide. I know I didn't hit the brakes, but I don't remember how much, if at all, I lifted off the throttle. So, what say you, kind, empathetic, not-prone-to-self-righteousness members of Oppositelock? What would you have done differently? Would you trust me with your car? Am I a bad driver, or merely very self-centered for writing an entire column about myself?