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The Kia K900 Is The New Volkswagen Phaeton

Over the last 7 years or so Kia started building many things that has turned this company into something truly great. It has developed a new image headed by a former Audi designer, It has developed innovative engineering such as Turbocharged and Hybrid power trains, an appreciation of hamsters dropping the bass, and even a factory in the United States. Also, through these years, the company has developed something else as well. Balls. But the shape of their balls isn't oval or circular; their balls come in the shape of the new K900

Yes, the Kia K900 is the best example of Kia's own major manufacturer of testosterone. And why wouldn't it? The thing will cost its owner north of $60 Grand, have a 5.0 Litre V8, a RWD platform, bewildering amount of gizmos, whilst still carrying the KIA roundel at the bow. It is, as we all know, Kia's attempt at going to the highest level of upmarket fighting arm and arm with the Political Figure Favourite S-Class, Sober but Wise A8, and the Not So Ultimate, Much Preferably Rear Seat Riding Machine 7 Series. But this isn't the first time a new kid on the block tries to head on against this trio.

A Decade ago, Volkswagen launched what they called: "The Best Car in the World". The Volkswagen Phaeton. It was Ferdinand Piëchs bastard son, that he and the company he was leading at the time nurtured, finely tuned, and raised to become this straight A Student with amazing talents that should be seriously considered. The way it was over engineered to the last damn bolt made it worth the $65K plus Price tag. Its capabilities, not worshiped or comprehended by much made it sell in low numbers, and depreciate like the last iPhone. Although they are separated by a good 10 years, The Volkswagen Phaeton and the Kia K900 seem to be designed, built, marketed, and sold with exactly the same visualisation.


Lets begin with what the 2 cars mean to the companies, and to the consumers. Both Volkswagen and Kia were first known for doing inexpensive cars for the biggest market possible. Yes, the Beetle sold in the millions and has an amazing following, whereas Kia wants you to never know it existed before 2007. But, what Kia made before for people to buy where inexpensive econoboxes that just had to transport you from point M to point V (Trying to think out of the box here), and that is exactly what the Beetle was all about.

Then, through all these years and development both companies have created truly fantastic and competitive products that brought income and loyalty. Both had to make good cars for people to buy and appreciate the brand before they could go all out and make an expensive model. Then, when each of the companies' time came, they rolled out their best offering. both of them, priced at the same $60K range. Both of them offering V8, RWD, and the exact same 420 HP with slightly different torque numbers: Phaeton (406 lb ft.) K900 (376 lb ft.). There are also just inches, and in some cases millimetres in which the wheelbase, length, height, and width compare.


Technology wise, they are in different leagues, but the Phaeton does offer some of the things we see proudly advertised by Kia such as cooling and heating seats, rear console with its separate controls, rear-seats that move bout with their own sunshade, automatic trunk, etc. And, in order for the buying experience to be something different from a teenager working at old navy who buys a base Rio, Kia has fitted dealerships with special elegant touches. Both companies had to train their salesman to sell these cars, and make sure that the buyers were reeled in for a hell of a buy.


Sure, both cars are different in their own way and character. But in the end, they are the shout of the automaker saying that they are ready to take the next step. They are ready to make a customer change its mind about going to the trio of unstoppable success. That they are ready to enter into the final level of brand recognition and appreciation. And, you might ask, will it mean a success for Kia? Well just ask Volkswagen, who did it 10 years ago how it went and take your guess.


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