Three years ago Joe Gibbs (yes,the NFL coach) decided to replace departing champ Tony Stewart with a nineteen year old kid nicknamed "sliced bread" as in "the greatest thing since sliced bread", Joey lagano.

Under Joe Gibbs Racing Joey Lagano won two races, one rain shortened race and one race where most of the top level cars were penalized for pit lane speeding due to an inexperienced pace car driver. For the most part you could count on Joey languishing in the top twenty and hope he wouldn't get spun-out by older, more experienced drivers while fighting for position.

After the end of the 2012 season Joey was fired. He's kinda like the first round draft pick that never panned out. However Rodger Penske himself went out of his way to pick JoLo to drive his 22 car for 2013. Joey understands its his year to make a statement.

This year Joey Lagano is a man on a mission, afraid of being an "also ran" he confronted his former teammate Denny Hamlin at Bristol with his fist after Denny spun him out.


At California Joey Lagano flagrantly blocked Tony Stewart before he and Denny Hamlin were fighting for the lead when JoLo drove hard into Denny's car, Denny started to spin and retaliated by spinning JoLo. Denny Hamlin, who turned down into JoLo's right rear after he began to spin, hit a part of the infield retaining wall that wasn't protected by "safer barriers". Denny Hamlin fractured one his vertebrae and collapsed after getting out of his car. Joey said, "He got what he deserved."

This kid is on mission, he understands his future loot and glory are on the line and are not guaranteed. Joey is determined to be a star in NASCAR, even at the expense of established drivers like Tony Stewart and Denny Hamlin, or anyone elese who stands in his way.