The King of Car Starters Is Back

This time, in a Frozie Fudge Blast -colored Tercel!


In the third season of The King of Queens, Wilhem returns under the guise of Doug’s Tercel wagon. Just 2 minutes and 32 seconds into Strike One, the car breaks down in the Quickie Burger drive-thru line. Doug’s attempts to start the car back up again are fruitless, and he soon finds himself in search of a more reliable ride... at the local Chrysler dealer.

Doug falls in love with a brand-new Grand Cherokee and passes the Toyota on to his fried Spence, who has way too many fond memories of the car to see it go. He pays Doug $200 and tries to start the car (15:34). He succeeds, but only after we are treated to that familiar sound effect a couple of more times.

Where will Wilhelm wind up next?

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