Without a doubt, it is definitely Alfa Romeo. The sound, the smoothness, the power!!! Some may say the Ferrari V6 or the one Honda made. I am not so sure though. I have never heard anything that sound like the Alfa Romeo V6!

That is what I used to think. Until I found this.

Oh my god, does that sound mean. It is throaty and so ferocious. Honda can really make an engine that revs(It is no S600 or S2000, but still).


Then there is the Metro 6R4. Granted it never won any rallies, that doesn't make it any less of a hero car. It has a V6 from hell, if I had told you it was a V12, you wouldn't question it for a second. It has that Lamborghini bellow that I love so much. This engine was also put into the Jaguar XJ220. So when people say it was from a hatchback, they are wrong. It was from a Group B monster!

If you have any other V6's I should hear. Please tell, I would love to know!

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