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The Kinja, She is a Changin'

Come gather round Jalops, where'er you roam.

And admit that the website around you has grown.

And accept it that soon you'll be confused and alone

if your comments are worth recommending.

And you better start learnin' or you'll be gray as a stone.

Oh the Kinja she is a changin'

Come writers and critics, who review with your pen,

And keep your fenders wide, the stance won't come again,

And don't stretch too far, for the wheel's past the rim,

For Mother's car now will be later to sin,

Oh the Kinja, she is a changin'

Come senators, Congressmen, please heed the call

Don't squeeze out the wagon, CUVs are too tall

Though he who uses a manual is he who will stall

The battle outside ragin'

Will soon sap your fun and then cost us all

For the Kinja, she is a changin'

Come Haters and Trolls from across the land,

And don't comment on what you can't understand,

Asshats and Dashcams are beyond your command,

Russia's old roads are rapidly aging

Please laugh along if you can't lend a hand,

Oh the Kinja, she is a changin'

The line it is drawn, the curse it is cast

The Toyota now will later be fast

As Nissan now, will later be passed

The Order is rapidly fading

And the Kinja, she is a changin'

[That is the only video of the Bob Dylan song that isn't claimed by copyrite.]


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