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The Kitchen Remodel Saga Continues

Because I love Orange things that are fast

Ok,. so you might remember my last post, about building cabinets, etc. Well, we managed to reach a compromise. Since I can get the same cabinet style from the Home Depot for cheap, we decided to re-use most of the current cabinets for the island (strangely, it worked out almost perfectly) and buy the few additional ones for less than $500. Then she can get the nicer appliances and countertops she wants. Win-win, in my book. (except for the ongoing saga with HD about some order only cabinets and a 5 cabinet minimum, but that’s another story.)

So I get to pull the crappy laminate flooring the seller installed to sell the house and build up the island on the linoleum glued to the subfloor. Here’s where I’m having an issue, though. We want to install floor tile at a later date. I want to be able to tile under the dishwasher when this happens. So now I need to figure out what thickness of plywood to install under the cabinets to raise them so they will be level, or very very close to level with the tile floor after it is installed. I will use scraps of the laminate floor under the dishwasher for now.


Any thoughts, oh oppo? I figure the backer board will be 1/4", the tiles are...about 1/4"? This doesn’t have to be perfect, as I can install and redo a trim panel about the DW later when we do this floor, but I don’t want to see a chunk of plywood under the cabinets when we do tile. Help!

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