UPDATE 2: Henry has now very kindly taken the time to reply to my article in the comments section below, so check out what he had to make of my moaning, my opinions, and where he stands with regards to the world's first 'Megacar', and other going on's at the Geneva Motor Show 2014. I've recommended it so it should be showing up somewhere at the bottom, if not, let me know and I'll do a copy and paste into this article. You'll also find my reply to it underneath. Once again, thanks for reading guys.

UPDATE :Henry Catchpole (Features Editor at Evo Magazine) who originally inspired me to write this article by inadvertently annoying me has tweeted me to say he'll try to reply to this. Which is pretty cool. Hopefully he'll get involved when he has the time, so stay tuned. Also, sorry if it was wrong of me to re-post this up. I didn't know how else to update everybody! Also-Also, thanks for reading Henry, go easy on me I'm an amateur.

Perhaps I'm a bit grumpy this morning, maybe the single cup of coffee hasn't quite been enough to get my brain working to the point where I can avoid getting annoyed by the slightest thing. Or perhaps I have a point, and the following rant is perfectly reasonable.

Either way, I'm hoping you guys here on Oppositelock will tell me which side of the argument you're on after you've read what I'm about to say. Fasten your seatbelts because I don't think you're going to like this one much.


Henry Catchpole has made me very, very annoyed. In a very recent Evo YouTube video he said that he thought the Koenigsegg One:1 is the most exciting car at the show.

Can we have some perspective here for a minute please? You, Mr Catchpole are telling us that a car costing $2.8m limited to a production run of six cars that will only EVER be seen on a plinth or at another motor show is the 'most exciting car of the show'? That is the most ridiculous statement I've heard all week. What an absolute pile of rubbish.

For a start, no car costing that much money and limited to such few numbers can ever be called either the most exciting or be awarded the 'car of the show' title, because it has ABSOLUTELY ZERO relevance to any of us not fortunate enough to be sitting on a multi-billion pound business empire. It is totally and utterly out of touch with the real world. Can you not understand that? This car is pure plinth porn, and don't ever try to tell me it's anything more.


As an engineering attempt, it's awesome of this I have no doubt, but this gives the world absolutely nothing. It gives me and you absolutely nothing. It contributes nothing at all to the current or future automotive world. It merely shows off some pretty fancy and elite engineering abilities that some guys in Sweden have and that's about it. I actually couldn't care less about this car. It's not even pretty; it's just another sexed-up, pointless, inaccessible and just plain boring variation on a shape we first saw IN 2002.

Yes, it's YET ANOTHER CC8S with a facelift and internal tweaks. Big deal.

This car is one giant waste of everybody's time. To think of it as anything else means you are totally out of touch with reality.