Well, it’s just one dish though.. but it’s awesome.

One whole chicken, stuff with lime, clementine, two cloves of garlic and a few fingers of butter, rub it with 125 grams of proper butter, rub it with plenty of salt and pepper. Squeeze a lemon on top. Place in a casserole along with a glass of water, some carrots and such. Stuff the lot in an oven at 180 degrees celsius. One chicken should take about 1 hour and its done.. Now, here’s the tasty part.. baste chicken(s) with a blend of maple syrup and melted butter (50/50) after 30 minutes.. keep basting every five minutes, feel free to add spices to taste. Highly recommend a star anise or two in the pan. Serve with rice or mashed taters.. It’ll be the most succulent chicken you’ve ever had.