I like small V8s. Jalopnik does too. But I'm curious if there's anything on the other end of the spectrum. You know ... a large-displacement I4. Anything out there you can point to?

My stepdad had a one-owner Porsche 944 when I was in high school. He bought the car off my relatives who have had it since they handed a check to the dealer in 1986 ... factory red paint and cracked black leather on the inside. I had such a ball in that car when he'd let me take it out, but certain things would go REALLY REALLY BAD with it once it hit certain mileage points on the odometer. That said, the memory that stood out to me was the engine – a 2.5L I believe. It wasn't super smooth, but I remember it having enough low-end power to do some really fun stuff.

The 968 of the 90's is an even more interesting animal to me, basically a carried-over 944 with some reworked components and a nice update to the front and rear facias. But that had a 3.0L I4 in it ... and although I don't obsess over all details of smaller engines, that's the largest one I've ever heard of.


What am I missing? What's the largest displacement (yes, used for an automobile) you've seen in a 4-pot from the factory?