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The largest smart event...in North America...

Believe it or not, there are a whole lot of smart owners here in North America. Possibly even more unbelievable are our yearly events taking place in various locations all over.

Perhaps you want to explore the Midwest, maybe soak up some Florida sun, challenge the Tail of the Dragon, or sometimes even hit up a race track. There's a smart meet for you, somewhere, and each and every one of them are memorable in their own ways.


But what if you want something bigger, something that combines of all of the year's best events into a super convention of micro proportions?

We have your solution...the 2013 Smart Car National Convention and Car Show!

Ever wanted to climb Pike's Peak, cross the Continental Divide, explore beautiful mountain region, or just be part of the largest smart event in North America...ever?

Join other smart owners in Denver, Colorado this July 10-14 and have a time you'll absolutely positively never forget! This is the second time we're having a national event (last time was in Kansas in 2010), but this time we plan to one up even the last event!

For more information and to register, visit the link below...see ya there!



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