Less than a year ago, on October 25th 2014, the last commercial passenger flight of a trijet aircraft, a McDonnell-Douglas Boeing MD-11 boarded passengers for the last time.

KLM airlines had the strange habit of naming its MD-11s after women renown for their charitable or humanitarian efforts. The last MD-11 to carry passengers on a commercial route, PH-KCE, was no exception to that rule and was named after Audrey Hepburn.

Audrey Hepburn was delivered to KLM on November 18th 1994, it was part of the airline fleet of 10 awesome trijets. Powered by 3 CF6-80 motors, one on each side and one at the rear, Audrey Hepburn was a powerful beast of an aircraft capable of carrying up to 410 passengers and humongous amount of cargo in its underbelly.

Many avgeeks and trident aficionados converged to the Montreal-Trudeau (YUL) airport for the pre-flight party. Cupcakes, square cakes and other alimentary perks were kindly offered to the few lucky travelers whom most of only came to partake in the historic flight.


Flight KL672, a daily flight between Amsterdam-Schipol in the Netherlands, and Montreal Trudeau in Canada, left the Canadian tarmac after a quick sprint on the runway.

Aboard the airliner, passengers were fed with typical Dutch meals such as Tandoori Chicken and Caribbean chicken salad.


Audrey Hepburn touched ground in Amsterdam-Scipol 7 hours laters and was greeted by firetruck and plenty of other avgeeks.


As passenger deplaned and cargo was removed for the cargo hold, Audrey’s replacement, a boring A330-300 twinjet was patiently waiting in the background and ready to take over the MD-11’s route.

Once the party was over, Audrey Hepburn was flown to its final destination, the Mohave desert were it will serve as a parts plane for FedEx freighter planes.