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The other night I said I’d give a small review of my thoughts about The Last Jedi after my premiere showing. I guess you could say I forgot, but in reality I wanted to give some time for my thoughts to mull and time for a second viewing.


All in all, The Last Jedi is pretty good.

There’s a lot of good substance here, it’s got a great story for the most part and some great performances by the cast. Setpieces are great, the cinematography is beautiful, and it all looks and sounds like a Star Wars film to me.


It’s got a bit of problems though, including a muddy B plot and some cheesy as hell lines and scenes, but those aren’t really things this franchise is new to. I just thought that maybe we could have learned since the prequels and Return of the Jedi. But I liked the prequels and I like ROTJ, so therefore I don’t hate this film.


My full thoughts are on my review blog, here.


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