As much as we make fun of 70s cars, especially of the American verity some of them were cool. They just needed a little work. Link this 1979 Bonniville Coupe.

The ad claims this thing is a 400hp sleeper, using Craigslist match we can assume it’s putting abut about 300hp. But still that’ll put a new Camry to shame, and do it with a lot more style. Just look at that two tone.

It’s like the opposite of a landau top, the 5 slot wheels bit that this ain’t your grandma’s Bonnie, but they are of period and look right at home on the American personal Luzury machine. Speaking of luxury look at this red crush velour interior. And it's got enough chrome ash trays to get you serious Jalop points.


The monster tach looks a bit out of place but we’ll let it slide, because it’s not on a Cavalier. The front end of the car is quite handsome aswell. Though the pictures don’t do it justice.

This is one Malaise era ride I’d put in my driveway a heartbeat.