2014 was the last year any single cab Toyota Tacoma was offered in the States. This 2013 here gives me cravings... [ahem] Moving on...


Today the Ranger, Canyorado, and Tacoma are not available in single-cab form. The new Gladiator — which is anything but small — is only available with four doors.

Thus, the used 2013 Tacoma I linked suffers from the following taxes:

  1. the Toyota tax
  2. the Tacoma tax
  3. the 4x4 tax
  4. the 4x4 Toyota tax
  5. the 4x4 Tacoma tax
  6. the [air quotes] “Last of Its Kind” tax

Check out these MSRP figures, from autotrader:

Can you imagine picking up a new 4x4 for under $22k today? This was only five years ago.

But today, the cheapest RWD Tacoma cost more.


In summation: things cost money and that continues to be an inconvenience for people maybe.

Thank you for reading.

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