Today, I found out for the last 3 months, all my direct deposit paychecks are going to to some unknown bank account. I’ve been talking to various coworkers to handle damage control. More after the break.

I gave my account/routing numbers to my manager, and it was really weird at start (ironically I worked at the same company, but 6 months before). They gave me some company debit card (which strangely I insisted I want direct deposit, NOT the BS debit card option). I then just didn’t start giving a shit about what was going in (my plan was to save up for a set of Corbeau racing seats and 6 point harness). Then I realized my card was bouncing at times. I alluded it possibly me overspending-but I was making more than what I was spending. I used cash afterwards. I should have realized earlier.

This month, I started actually being aware of expenses/etc. I had spent 200 ish dollars on a laptop which said funds derived from the first (physical) paycheck. After that, there was literally barely any left. I was to have direct deposit every 2 weeks. I verified with my coworkers what date and I received my last statement. No money deposited.

I got connected to the online payroll thing. I realized I was out around 700+ dollars I had made during my time at this workplace. I start doing damage control. I start verifying things and nothing is right. I look at the pay stubs. Different account number from mine. No wonder I haven’t been getting my money.


I’m calling human resources tomorrow. Hope to christ it isn’t an intentional error but a accidental error where I can recover about 3 month’s earnings back. I’m applying to other places. Know of any bike shops or any retail that are hiring in the Bay Area?