The GM plant in Doraville, GA, where the Uplander was built up to September 26, 2008, was abandoned at around the same time the van ended production. It was torn down a year or so ago, but one relic still remains.

According to Wikipedia, the last completed vehicle at the plant was a 2009, Canadian version, short-wheelbase Pontiac Montana SV6, in Liquid Silver Metallic, with a roof rack. However, this mysterious beige van could have rolled off right behind that one. We may never know why it never did.

(I personally know a photographer who was escorted through the facility before it was torn down. There were actually a lot more vans abandoned on the line, but this one was the furthest along. Not sure why it got removed from the building and left like that, though.)

Here are some other pictures of the stuff that was just abandoned on the line:


There apparently was also a completed van in a conference room. I’m assuming it was an early prototype repurposed as decoration, but she didn’t take a picture of it so I guess we’ll never know.

But anyway, I just find it so baffling that GM would just close their plant so abruptly without even finishing the cars they had started.