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The latest arghablargafarg in my life

Arghablargafarg is the word for when you have a misunderstanding via text message. I invented it. It happens often between my gf and myself. Usually because I tell some stupid joke, and she doesn't get it.

I saw the above picture on facebook, and sent it to my gf, because she always waits until the last minute before leaving to go somewhere to do her nails. She always ends up either doing her nails right before we leave and then drying them with the dash vents, or doing them in the car (where I call out upcoming bumps to her) and then drying them with the dash vents.

Well...it resulted in a double arghablargafarg.

Me: (picture) :p

GF: Poor dog

Me: Why do you say that? It's just making a funny pose

GF: He looks ridulous. Humans putting nail polish on him.

Me: He doesn't have nail polish on, it's just a picture saying girls hold their hands like that when they do their nails. ;) And I sent it to you because of all the nail painting you do in the car. :p


GF: Ahh. Glad you don't mind my bad habit of waiting until last minute.

Me: I don't mind at all, I just saw that pic and thought of you

GF: That's pretty scary for you to think of me ;)

Me: Who else do I witness painting their nails on a regular basis?

GF: Ha..I meant you thinking of me when you saw a dog ;)

Me: Only because of the nail painting joke :p

This has been another arghblargafarg, one of many in the long history of arghablargafargs. It is brought to you by whoever posted that stupid dog photo on Facebook, Google Hangouts, my stupid jokes, and my gf who misinterprets my stupid jokes.

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