The latest rental truck has arrived

In case you’re wondering, it’s mighty big. Loads better than the Silverado.

Yes, the seat is adjusted properly and no, I’m not height-challenged.


The last F-150 I had was more luxurious, but this one is mighty comfy. The red wire is my USB cord which I use to enable CarPlay. My phone sticks to the mount right by the grab handle. Speaking of the handle, my wife found it very handy for climbing in and out of the truck. After climbing aboard, she started making jokes about needing a step ladder.

The back seats have more leg room than most luxury cars. Both seats flip up to create a large flat floor space, perfect for loading my luggage. One of the things I hated about the Chevy was the uneven floor. A flat floor just makes carrying cargo so much easier. I’ve discovered that people just can’t keep rentals clean. This truck had 4,000 miles on it and already has several stains on the back seats. I assume that’s from kids or perhaps a college student who went highlighter crazy.

I think this truck is a pretty good mix of amenities. The only thing I really miss from the nicer one I had previously is the driver’s seat. It had more adjustability and was both heated and ventilated (but not cooled). I think I’d spec mine with a proper towing package too. Other than that, I really like this truck!

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