The law is stupid

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So I went to federal court on the settlement with the suspicious signatures. As expected, the judge chewed my ass, brought up bad shit that has been said about me in the media, and was annoyed we were even there. She said even if the signatures were forged, the agreement was enforceable, so what do I care?


I told her that I take my oath seriously, and feel that I have an ethical obligation to my client and the court to prevent fraud from occurring. I told her I would defer to her discretion, and if she told me to complete the deal I would tell my client to do it. But I told her there was enough here for me to be concerned. She told me to have my client sign and pay and GTFO.

I am a fucking idiot. You see. I told her the truth. I have idea what I was trying to accomplish today. I am convinced there was a fraud going on, and I felt an obligation to inform the court. The judge inferred some nefarious purpose on my part and sent me on my way.


Pumpkin does not approve of this shit.

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