We have a lot of discussions about car names, whether it concerns letters and numbers that don't mean anything, or names that are so far out they sound ridiculous. I'm looking at you, Pagani Huayra!


Some companies, though, take a more utilitarian approach to car names. The only drawback is then that the names sound like little thought was put into them. This car has four doors? Let's name it Quattroporte. This is the best Ferrari we've made? Let's call it The Ferrari.

I suppose we should maybe applaud this branch of car nomenclature, since at least the names mean something, as opposed to a car with a 2 liter engine being called A45, or a 3.0L i6 getting the 335 designation because a turbo adds about 5 to the number.

In the end, what is the better approach, naming your cars after their function/engine size/number of doors, or mythical concepts/random sounds/random letters and numbers?

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