Note a full effort has been made to not spoil any episodes of that The Grand Tour, but it does contain plot elements of an unknown nature.

Woah woah woah.

I was perusing the rantings of an automotive journalist, let’s call him “J”.

I love his work, every demented pixel, except the stuff where many a rational person should just sort of sigh and decide that psychedelics are not for everyone. That stuff I adore.

“The color blue is not necessarily the flavor of blueberries.”

But I was perklept when he made a fundamental error in the history of European Volkswagen Golfs and American Rabbits. .


The discussion of automotive history is thought to be trivial, but when an article contradicts details of history, it can break the fundamental structure of the 4th dimensional archival format with little hope that a paragraph will have more than one sentence. Not all hope is lost for those seeking answers.


Deep stuff.

Statements taken for fact, even trivia fact, can fool even the top myth researchers of our modern times. The quantum error builds.


“It could change the local galaxy if it was true, which, for the most part, isn’t, but instead, this exists as a factual presentation of incorrect that has no plot, relevance or other meaning other than to trivia fans. Now please leave before I call the police.“


Or is it a mysterious clue to the power of The Stig?

Dear reader, instead of proofs, maths, and other plural facts.. we invite you to the video portion of our novel..


The fundamental temporal assertion that is the key to this One Mistake.

[we kindly ask you to take, at minimum, 20 seconds of the many many wasted reading this article, and play the above video. No weird well ladies will appear.]


This show takes place in 1993, right? Or 1996? when the hell is it?

Has he found a timeline where VW produced Mk1 GTis for two more years and then brought out the Mk2? Why?


To accelerate the development of flying cars, as some say?


This answers a question. The question is the question, is it not?

All we know for sure

he’s called the Stig, and no record of him exists before 2002..

Except for a mysterious, honest-abe unmodified advertisement from a 1995 timeline that might not be our own, if ancient alien theorist watchers are to be believed. .


The unfact’s discoordinating fact has its side effects.


The Mk2 Golf was out in 1985 .

In our timeline as it held before The Event. Now, the antigravity is optional with even more optonal Space Time-In’ Gear suit.


Yep, our timeline has been corrupted.I don’t recall my Golf being able to float like that. The ripple effect should be kicking in .. The timeline’s up for grabs. Cats and dogs forming home owners associations..

If it means more GTis, then okay then. Actually brilliant, since at that point in time Volkswagen is still making the Mk1 Golf convertibles anyway.


Hopefully this will prevent the horrible 88-92 bumper kits ever reaching the US instead of those clean lines of the standard bumpers.

Fun Trivia:

“Bumpers” used to define a separate piece of the vehicle bolted on and which would absorb impacts to a degree to minimize damage to the main vehicle.

You know them today as ‘bumper support’ which is a expensive engineered piece of Styrofoam under a plastic shell which will break or bend or dent or whatever it is plastic does.

In my day a dent was METAL and then we added plastic filler.

There should be minimal damage to the local universe which cares little of the affairs of German 80's car trivia.



Okay, relax, we’re just pulling your leg.. the standards of the paddington bear heir as arbitrator of space-time like some Doctor.. are not at issue here.


The truth is out there. Use Google if you have to.

A simple error of little consequence, or quantum fissure?
It ripples through time like pictures of bad haircuts.


Conclusion from evidence gathered:


You could declare that semaphores came standard on Super Beetles and watch the twitching start. That’s the feeling.


Stuff you should have read earlier before reading this.

If you’re into parallel timelines and such.


Stuff that I watched after writing this that reminded me I should post this before everybody comes up with it [spoilers]