So now we've found out the price, and have most of the specs, all that's left is for the GTE spec car to be unveiled and see how it performs. I think the performance of the GTE car is going to determine how the GT is perceived in the automotive community.

  1. It would justify the use of the Ecoboost V6. I don't think there's any other car with a V6 in the $400,000 price range. It's going to be a legitimate gripe with some who can afford it. Plus the word "Ecoboost".
  2. It would justify the price. The last GT was known to punch above its weight class. Instead of paying $150,00 for a Gallardo or F430, you got something with much more presence, that could contend with the Murceilagos and 599s of the world. With the price now matching its competitors, the Ford badge will come into play. If you can say the GT beat everything else at the races, then the badge doesn't matter as much


I honestly think this could turn out like the LFA if the racing program doesn't do well. The LFA was, and still is an amazing car, but it's not going to be remembered for its merits, but for its faults โ€“ the long development cycle, the price, the performance for the dollar. The old GT brought something new from Ford, a revival of sorts. In comparison the new GT doesn't feel as special, and will needs some pedigree to back up its claims.