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The Legalities of Dash Cams - The Podcast

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Someone suggested I do a podcast on the legalities of dash cams and I thought: “Hey, that saves me the trouble of coming up with a topic on my own.” Plus, it is an interesting topic. After all, the things are ubiquitous.


Prices are dropping on dash cams and the quality of what they shoot is remarkable. And some of the stuff they have captured has been great. Crazy traffic accidents? Check. Stuff falling from the sky? Sure.

But what about when they catch people talking? Turns out the law might not be as clear as when you simply film the world outside your windshield. So the video of the techs beating on test driving the Mustang? There may have been some legal issues there, depending on what state it was shot in and what the techs had been told - if anything - about the dash cam which, for some reason, was recording what they did that day.


Or, what if your dash cam was running and it recorded you doing something stupid? Like crossing the centerline or running a red light - just before you slammed into that busload of nuns. You’ll be sorry you had that dash cam but you better not lose that memory card.

So, here is the podcast:


And the video.

There is no dash cam in the top picture. I’m sure the story it would have told would have been fascinating though.


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