The Letter of the Day is 'S'

S is for ShitShow.

my son woke up at 530 and decided it was time to get up. It was not. He fell back asleep, and so did I, just as my alarm went off. I took my time getting ready as Friday traffic is usually pretty light. Some Savage Shashed into one of the Steel guard rails and peeled it back into the breakdown lane (which is open for travel during rush hour). So even though the accident was cleared by the time I got to it. there was still a cop blocking a lane of travel so that more people didn’t smash into the rail. Not more than 2 miles down the highway and traffic comes to a Standstill again. My brother-in-law messages from ahead that there was another idiot who had crashed. at this point I decided to get off and take the backroads. I have a list of projects and no help here. I’m gunna lose my mind. O can;t wait for beer’oclock


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