The Lexus LC is what the LFA should have been

Im thoroughly convinced of that too. The LFA was amazing dont get me wrong. That V10 at redline was something to give you goosebumps.

BUT, I always hated the looks too. It looked dated when it came out. Like something from 2004. Even now 5 years on it looks even more dated. Just look at it:


And it was about 300 grand more than it should have been. Yea it had a hand built V10 that it only got to use but still. Anoos said it best on Kristen Lee’s article: Special engine or not, this is car that delivered 90% of the performance of a Ferrari 458 (Toyota had benchmarked the 430 but took too long in development) for 30% more cost with none of the badge. And most of that cost was I’m pretty sure to recoup the development costs of the engine itself. To me the LFA was a car that you acknowledged but didnt lust after.

Fast forward 5 years and Lexus gives the LC. A downright gorgeous personal luxury coupe in the same vein as an S Class Coupe. But to me its what the LFA should have been. Just look at that interior:


Not only can you get it right under 100 grand if you look hard enough, it doesn’t come with some stupid way of buying it the way the LFA did. If Toyota had waited a little more maybe the LC could have been the LFA performance wise. But only time will tell if Lexus does something like that again. As it is the F brand has been sat on a shelf only to be pulled off as a “I look like I go fast” trim for most of if not all Lexus models. Here’s to hoping we get and LC-F

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