You may have recently learned the new Lincoln Continental will be based off of a FWD platform and offer AWD capabilities. Which at first glance sounds incredibly disappointing. But I am here to tell you why it isn’t and why Lincoln will do just fine.

Take a look at Audi’s products. See anything familiar? Yes friends that is a German luxury sedan that is FWD. Yes I know you are surprised, maybe even shocked. How in the world can Audi survive when the prestigious Audi A6 is offered as a front wheel drive model? Hell, how can any Audi survive when almost all their models are based off front wheel drive platforms? Two reasons. One Audi builds a wonderful product regardless of drivetrain. And two they have excellent marketing. Iron Man drives an Audi, that cool guy in a commercial drives an Audi, and your boss drives an Audi. Yet Audi makes cars with front wheel drive platforms.

The idea that the Lincoln Continental has to be rear wheel drive is nothing more than pure marketing elitism. Front wheel drive luxury cars have been around since at least the Cord L-29 in 1929. And they will continue to be around for decades to come.


Lincoln will survive because Lincoln will build a superior product. If the interior is half as wonderful as the Continental concept with it’s 30 way power seats Lincoln will be setting a standard that few luxury cars will be able to compete with.

Besides the interior though Lincoln has created a car that tugs at the heart strings of automotive buyers. The name Continental is synonymous with wealth, luxury, and prestige. Even if it FWD or AWD. A luxury car isn’t always about drifting around the corners. In fact I doubt even more than ten percent of any luxury car buyer ever turns off the traction control.


Imagine for only a moment that Ford is crazy enough to put the new Ford GT Ecoboost engine in the Lincoln Continental. Even detuned that would make the Continental an American powerhouse that few cars would ever be able to match. I promise you there is nothing to worry about with the new Continental. Like Audi, Lincoln will make front wheel drive work. The Continental will not disappoint.

Photo Credits (Lincoln, Audi, Ford)