The Lincoln Continental now has a proper rear end

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Like some of you I too fell in love with cars sometime in the mid-to-late 80's. One fond memory is from 1987. I was 6 years-old, sitting three-deep in the back of a '79 Cougar. Poison's Open Up and Say Ah was in the cassette deck while my late mom and aunt filled the car with Aquanet.


That car, much like its Lincoln counterpart at the time, was enormous. Especially to a 6 year-old child. The backseat was large enough for an entire battle between Army men and Transformers without ever disturbing the person to your right or left.

The car also had a very distinguishing, almost attractive, rear end. While the Cougar had a boxed shaped trunk-bump the Continental Mark V had a more curved piece of metal. It was beautiful.


This was the impetus for the 'shop above.

Maybe I'm crazy for thinking this but I can't help but feel like Lincoln missed an opportunity to bring back that protruding shaped trunk.


The more I look at this the more I think - it actually works.

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