So, I was talking with fellow Austinite, Patrick George, and he was telling me he was getting the Lincoln MKC next week. I immediately went through my mind trying to visualize which vehicle he was talking about. I couldn't. It turns out, it is a crossover, and is probably an upgraded version of a ford flex or something. This got my thinking, of how dumb this issue has become. As a millennial who has been raised in the era of numbers and versions, I should be good at recognizing the different Auto Makers dumb alphanumeric codes, and for the most part I am, except any american or japanese attempt at it. Why is this? Why have the Germans been able to make their systems easy and recognizable? Then it hit me, they have had nothing but extra time to drill in their info. Lincoln hasn't had this luxury since then switched to the MK-whatever naming system, and they still expect people to be able to get it just as easily as the BMW system. Marketers have stymied any good progress lincoln could have made, by hamstringing them with the German system, but without publicizing the changes much.

Now, I'm not saying all of Lincoln's issues can be solved by teaching people the new naming system, but it can't hurt.