An conclusion after the jump.

For those of you just joining us, previously I decided my life was too easy and to fix that I would turn an old Dell into a Linux machine. Multiple distro installs and a complete rethink later I decided to make the Dell a dedicated firewall which is where we left off.

I had tried Clear Pass but apparently they decided not to support old Intel NICS. SO I downloaded Smoothwall. The beginning was ominous. The install felt like it was from the 1980s and to identify your NICS by color. Do you want your Intel NIC to be red, orange, green purple? Obviously I screwed that up the first time. As it turns out a red green combo was what I needed.

After running the cables between the Dell and the Smoothwall I was rewarded with no Internet connection. Off I went to the forums. Where my qualifications and breeding were questioned. Ultimately it was decided that my router was attempting a dual NAT configuration. I also had to have thesmoothwall perform all DHCP duties. Essentially the router just needed to be a wireless AP.


Once all that was done everything came up. Mission accomplished.