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I thought it was over. You thought it was over. But it wasnt.

I discovered another old Dell in my closet, a laptop this time. Having felt defeated by my previous attempts at getting a useable Linux machine working I figured this was my chance at redemption.


I know what you’re thinking, how many old dell’s can one person have in their closet? And also, why would you put yourself through an unnecessary waste of time? The answers are: two and because I’m an idiot.

Previously my fellow nerds of Oppo suggested Linux Mint, which I had already burned to a disc. The installation went smoothly and I was greeted with a very Windows esque GUI. Everything seemed fine except that I had no WiFi. That wasn’t all that surprising, since every single OS install I’ve done never picks up NIC drivers. I wasn’t worried.


However, this became a lot more complex than expected. I was able to locate a driver manager under administration, which instructed me to reinsert the install medium to pick up the drivers, which I did, and it did. It recommended that I install the Broadcom drivers, which was a trap, and then restart. The result of that was the entire disabling of the NIC somehow. No wifi, no ethernet nothing.

Off to Google I went to find a solution. I did find a solution and copied and pasted in some lines into the terminal. Lo and behold I had wifi, somehow.


Overjoyed, I went about downloading programs to browse the interest and such. Then, I got greedy, shall I try my luck at Steam Streaming? Steam installed fine however running it did nothing until I tried in the terminal, which showed a bunch of errors. More googling got it working!

I was shocked this really old machine was able to get a new lease on life

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