I was off work this week so I finally had time to get some things done.

First, I was able to do the paperwork for my V6 and my dad’s GTD. They are finally both officially French Peugeots!


I also finished gathering stuff from my parts car. In total, I got: front suspension, rear axles, exhaust, rear brakes for my V6, a hood, A/C system, and rear power windows for my GTD, a front bumper, grille and radiator for my dad’s GTD, also a spare engine, transmission, ABS system, doors and various smaller stuff

The trailer is finally empty again. The shell was left untouched for weeks.


The last minute action was to cut away the rear right wheel well. It was surprisingly intact, and should be handy to fix the ugly fixes that have been done by the previous owner on my V6.

Also: plasma cutter for the win!

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