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The List

Here is the list of stuff I need to do for my Sprite to get it running:

1. Interior:

  • Roll bar
  • carpet
  • assembly gauges
  • assemble & install dash
  • seats
  • belts
  • door cards & such trim
  • wiring
  • radio

2. Running Gear

  • assemble and install engine
  • finish brake lines
  • install pedal assembly
  • wiring
  • drive shaft
  • check rear diff
  • check transmission and install new t/o bearing
  • gas tank
  • new fuel lines

3. Body

  • Bumpers
  • paint touch up (issues from storage)
  • trim
  • new top (eventually)

It is a big list, and there is probably more... I want this car fucking done now damn it

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Someone wanna bring a garage and help? I’ll supply beer...

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