Dusty: You live to see the day where over-development and climate change combine to make rallying anywhere on earth impossible.

$kaycog: You are delighted to receive a free 2007 Ford GT. You lift the rear-hood to find a 3 cylinder diesel and CVT in place of the awesome Supercharged V8. Because both parts are VW, the government has recalled it for failing emissions.


Denver: Ford brings back the ranger...as a luxury pickup with a useless velour bed and a $50k price tag.

EL_ULY: The world health organization classifies common household sugar as a class 1 carcinogen in cookie monsters. Governments around the world make cookie batter production illegal. Both cookie batter and table sugar become controlled substances in the United States.

Punk_girl_98: Fiat Chrysler announces the Viper is coming back...as a hybrid crossover meant to compete with the Prius V.

MontegoMan: Further emissions legislation makes ownership of carbureted engines illegal. In trade for your Montego which will now be crushed, the government offers you a complimentary Nissan Micra....which it will then confiscate and crush for being illegally imported to the united states.


Dsscats: The yakuza, extremely unhappy with the united states gobbling up all the soon-to-be-legal-for-import R33s, buys up most of the remaining supply and uses market speculation to inflate the price beyond seven-figure levels. Current R33 owners in the US immediately sell theirs and become millionaires(again). Prices remain inflated beyond mere mortal purchasing ability FOREVER.

Gamecat: Corporate beer lobbyists succeed in their decades long effort to kill local craft breweries. Budwiser, Coors, and ‘natty ice’ become the only legal beers in the US. Everything else either gets brought out or goes out of business.


Hammerhead Fistpunch: All the great public overlanding trails and spots are sold by the US to a patchwork of private organizations. You can still go offroading if you can swing the $1000/ticket entrance fee.

TheHondaBro: Autodesk expands it’s already monopolistic levels of marketshare over 3D animation software by buying maxon. Since they sell the only 3D software worth buying, they decide they can charge whatever they want for it. Cinema 4D now costs $399. Per month.


Also, Honda cancels the NSX again.

My Citroen Won’t Start: Your citroen DOES start and works reliably. But it is the only one on the continent of South America to do so. Out of jealousy, all the other Citroen owners gang up and decide to murder both you and your blasted Citroen.


Alex Is In His Heaven And All Is Right With The World: The new Japanese prime minister runs on a ‘destroying anime and kotaku culture’ platform, and wins the election by a huge landslide. Anime output from japan falls 95% in one year.

Opposauruswrxless: Your WRX kills it’s owner and hunts you down and tortures your new car to death out of jealousy. out of fear for your life, you agree to go back to being it’s owner...FOREEEEEVVVEEEERRR


Logansteno: Your dad decides to trade in the family silverado for a loaded Tahoe. The dealer will cut him a sweet deal if he can find a way to get that M3 you’ve been flaunting around his son at school from you. So he does. In exchange for helping with the tahoe purchase, he gives you a pink manual Mirage without the touchscreen interior package.

K-Roll PorscheTamer: Porsche abandons the flat six for everything below the 911 GT3. Everything else gets a snail, an electric motor, or both. An NA powered manual Porsche now will cost $700k and will be produced in no more than 50 examples/year.