Last night I took the fuel pump off, freed it up and cleaned it, put it back on and cranked it. Still nothing. Bugger.

So I blew into the fuel tank to get some fuel into the lines and cranked it again. Fired once, died and didn't fire again. Getting closer.

We saw that the pump was sucking through the filter, but there wasn't any fuel coming through it. As it's parked on a slope, we thought the end of the line might just be on the surface of the fuel. Filled it up a bit more, cranked it again and it started!

Damn does it sound good. Very, very meaty, which is surprising as it's only a 1.5l I4. I'll get a video of it soon.

Ran up to temperature and stayed there steady as a rock. Died under throttle while cold, but when it warmed up it revved nicely. It needs some carb adjustments, but that's easy enough.

Couldn't be happier.