I have been annoyed by the poor fit of the new glovebox panel for the Vespa, particularly since it is an OEM part.

Even in this condition, I think it is gorgeous.

It did not fit right around the key, and there was some panel gap along the top. Mind you, no one else probably would have ever noticed. But I am the one who rides it, and the little details on my vehicles are a huge part of my enjoyment of them. I love badges, the stock radio and cassette in the Sunchaser, and all that little shit.

For example, the biggest downer in the Vespa project has been the broken glove box door. It has manufacturer stickers for tire pressure and other shit that I hate to lose, but I can’t find them for purchase.

So I did a little research and found two small bolt holes inside the glovebox that hold it to the top of the legshield - bolts that were not present when I took it apart. One more half-assed piece of work by the former owner.


It so happens that the mount for the front rack and crash bars has bolts that go through the same legshield holes that pull the glovebox into place. But those bolts were too short to fit through the rack and secure the glovebox. But I have been hoarding random screws, bolts, nuts, fasteners, and other various hardware for years. My oldest hobby is backyard engineering, where the only rule is “fuck it, improvise.” So I found bolts that fit, and put that sonuvabitch back together.

It worked! As it turns out, those bolts not only brought the glovebox into perfect alignment, they made the crash bar mount fit better too. There is a method to this Italian madness after all. Time to celebrate!

I almost forgot. I need help with a graphic file I am going to get from a friend with the wasp logo. I am hoping some design oriented Oppos will give me some help with bringing this to life. Anyone have experience in this?