The LJ70 is online

Well it’s been online for 2 days now, not really moving though, and part of me wants this non-running rustbucket to stay.

My dad bought this Landcruiser when I was 12-ish(?). The parking lot dealer we bought it from also had a Delorean and an Opel GT. That Delorean was for sale for 3300 Deutsche Mark at the time (That’s 2300€, adjusted for inflation).

We took it home to replace the Pajero we had sold as our new tow vehicle.
It was close to perfect when we got it. Low mileage, no rust, and a great interior. It was a real upgrade from the Pajero.


After a few weeks, one of our customers asked if it was for sale. Of course it was, everything we had was for sale as long as you paid the right price!

So it went to that guy, close to retirement, hardly needing it to pull a trailer, but using it to go into the woods to go hunting. He kept it for some years. He took care of it, but each time he brought it in for service, it had a new scratch or dent. Driving in the forrest is hard on cars.

He eventually sold it to another customer, one of his hunting buddies. From then on, degradations intensified. He didn’t really care for it. it was his hunting car. He had his C-class for the show. The cratches became rust, rust became holes. Despite earning a lot working for Mercedes, he was a cheapskate when it came to fixing his Cruiser. He ripped out the rear bench to put in a box for his dogs. He never bothered to clean the car, interior or exterior, so working on the car was a mess and the rust issues became worse. Some years ago. it started overheating (it was the thermostat IIRC) and instead of stopping and tow it to the shop, he drove it, boiling it a few times before getting it to our place.
He proceeded to buy a Dacia Duster, and the Cruiser sat in my backyard ever since. It took him some time to sign the paperwork so we could get rid of it.

It’s been sitting for some years now. And my dad finally decided to sell it, so it’s currently up for auction as a parts car.
It has a solid frame, the transmission works, and that’s about it.
The to do list looks something like this:
- Check cylinder head (possibly warped or cracked)
- Change head gasket
- Change all bushings
- Change suspension parts
- Check brakes
- Replace interior (It smells really badly, the carpets are stained, and the rear bench is missing)
- Bodywork
If I didn’t have the Pajero, I might just do that, but the Pajero is family, we rebuilt it together with my dad, and I don’t plan on replacing it.
If it doesn’t sell, I might do it, and find a way to get it to the US, you guys like old diesel trucks don’t you?


Hey! I wanted to keep those wheels for the Pajero! I would need a fifth one though.


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