Straight from Japan! The Lobster adjustable wrench. I’ve got a serious soft spot for tools and this is the newest addition to the moto tool roll.

Like a serious weakness for good tools. Seriously. Definitely a tool nerd.

This is the 150mm adjustable lightweight wrench from the Lobtex Co Ltd. Note the speed holes which add lightness.

Opens to just over 24mm


Closes to just under 6mm

And weighs just 91g (3.2oz) The casting is quite good, no flashing or mold seams. No excessive grinding marks and the polished end with laser-etched markings looks superb. Alignment is spot on and there is very little backlash in the mechanism. Fit and finish is definitely better than the standard crescent wrenches I’ve seen over the years- but then again this is a niche tool and it’s not something you’d likely find in a contractor’s bag. Definitely not a contractor on this side of the pond.


I don’t know what any of this says.

It’s the latest addition to the motorcycle/adv tool roll which clocks in at a not-so-meager but oh-so-useful 1 665g.


From left to right: Lobtex adjustable wrench, tire pressure gauge, Topeak ratchet rocket with extension, assorted torx keys, orange zip ties, tweezers, fenix flash light, more zip ties, small set of needle-nose vise grips (subject to removal, contemplating their usefulness,) Knipex Plyers Wrench 150mm, a 6" 3/8 extension, Proto 3/8 sliding t-handle, and three sizes of ratcheting flexhead wrenches. In the stash pouch: hex bits for the ratchet rocket, an old Leatherman Micra, three sockets, Screwpop boxcutter, MotionPro 18mm plug socket, some gear ties and bailing wire, and spare fuses.

Still attempting most of my moto maintenance with this toolkit in an effort to refine and reduce it. There’s a few things missing and one or two that might get the boot.