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The Lord & Savior Boxer Engine Arrived

Well, I picked up my 2006 Subaru Legacy last night, and I’m...content with it. It’s 11 years old so I did alright for about $$6,000.

Lengthwise it fills my entire parking space, which makes me more happy that I didn’t go with a wagon, it might not have fit with that extra length. (My neighbor has gotten used to my parking spaces being empty, and is crowding the back of my space.)


It’s got 43K kilometers on it:

The place it is showing it’s age is the dash - it seems like it developed a couple cracks from when we started the process a couple months ago to when we picked it up last night:


And then the cover for the drink holder is broken (and it looks to be a PITA to fix):


(Sorry for the dirt, I didn’t pay the extra $300 for them to detail it.)

I found a tiny chip on a door edge, and there is the small ding I saw when I looked it over originally. And the back up camera doesn’t work for some reason (the dealer says they told us that before, which they may have) So those need to be fixed.


I’m fairly happy with the car, the HID lights have a day/night sensor added in that works, and the height of the light can set to 5 different positions.

I haven’t had the chance to dig around under the hood yet, but I think the little 2.0i has at least a better (sounding) air intake. It may be slow, but it moves well enough for Okinawa’s acceleration requirements.
All in all it should be a good car for a few years.

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