First, an intro. I'm a dude living in Atlanta who has found himself a collector of vehicles. I'm not some crazy rich guy who sought out the finest in underrated vehicles to excite and frighten the ladies. No, I'm a more of a guy with poor impulse control, a huge yard and nobody telling me to do otherwise.

When I was a kid I wanted a Corvette (to go fast!) and a Jeep (to go offroad!). This is what I ended up with:

Okay, so I kind of went a bit overboard on the offroad portion on the dream, and came up a bit short on the speed part, but I was just a dumb kid who loved "Corvette Summer". Mark Hamill's best work.

Anyways, back to the vehicles. Yes, these are all mine. No, they don't all run at the moment - more on that later. They all did run at the same time once, I swear. It was sometime after Chuck Norris jokes were funny but before Grumpy Cat won our hearts. And they will run again.