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You all remember that 996 with an LS1 right? One week ago another 996 was put for sale on Dallas Craigslist, and it also has an LS engine.


This time an LS3 has been fitted though, which makes for a great upgrade in power and torque. We are now talking 430hp which is a 130hp increase over standard.

Even better is the story of who built it: the swap was carried out by Renegade Hybrids. Their sort of hybrid isn't a Prius but any 911, 944 or 914 with V8s and Subaru flat 4s. There even is a video of the car in action:

The professionaly done swap means adapted cooling system, gauges, gearbox and Porsche exhaust system. Power steering seems to be converted as well.

For 37.5k $ the price is about 13 grand above the other LS911. Check it out here. Now what do you say, NPoCP?

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